Excellent Electrical Service Provider


Montgomery Electric and Maintenance offer a professional electrical contracting services for both commercial and industrial electrical needs. For more details, call us at 337-439-0373 or visit our site: Montelectric.com



Maintain Power Plants to Speed Up the Efficiency

Electric maintenance

Electric repair and maintenance make the extensive part of every industry. Montgomery Electric and Maintenance have acknowledged professionals to carry out the municipal, industrial, commercial, and public electrical appliances. We have the state of the art facility to carry out all the electric tasks and are proficient in serving the customers of Lake Charles, and Southwest Louisiana. Our team of well-versed electricians is licensed to carry out the building construction, fire alarms, security etc.



Plant electricians

Many types of electrical works are carried out in industries, petrochemical factories, and civil sites in conglomerate ways. We are one of the best plant electricians leading in the electric market of Lake Charles. Petrochemical plants demand the electric maintenance in great demand for the safety of chemical plants. Plant electricians will repair the electric work in plants and ensure the safety. Plant electrician must be versatile enough to identify the problems, analyze the cause and make it work in proper condition. Do you think your plant is slowing down the processor speed? Then, you need to go for the maintenance of the plant to withstand the limit and run efficiently.

Save your plants from hazards

Every year, fire accidents happen in chemical plants because of poor maintenance. You can avoid this kind of circumstances by fixing an appointment with our technicians. Apart from plants, professionals of Mont electric do the electric works for fuel stations, traffic signals, water plants etc. Many ways like preventive, corrective, predictive maintenance to work with expert care depending on the nature of the plant. We are also experts in dealing with elementary works like fire alarms, signboards, displays and domestic works. Are you in need of trained electricians to carry out repair and maintenance at your place? We are just a call away and enjoy our maintenance of electric products in a terrifying way.

Planning Industrial Operations to Increase Productivity Levels

Industries these days focus more on increasing the functions of machines for ensuring more productivity levels. The electrical systems contribute more in the process and they need proper maintenance for enhancing the efficiency. It is an imperative one to upgrade their conditions with a licensed contractor for creating a better working environment. Furthermore, it will help to plan the operations smoothly in industries to get more advantages. A well-qualified electrical contractor will help to handle the machines properly for minimizing potential threats such as accidents, injuries, electricity leakage, and shocks. Another important thing is industries can carry out installation, repairs and other works with a contractor for improving the standards effectively. Before that, they should make a deep research on contractors from the internet for hiring services depending on the needs. Most of them show ways for overcoming the power supply interruption problems efficiently after diagnosing the conditions of electrical items.


With industrial electrical services, it becomes a simple one to improve the working conditions of panels and other systems for reducing potential hazards. In fact, they help to make sure that the wires, cables, and other things function correctly with the latest tools. It is an essential one to evaluate the electrical systems regularly with a skilled and certified contractor for preventing unwanted complications. Some even provide guidelines for replacing the existing materials with ease for running the machines efficiently. In addition, it is possible to inspect electrical devices accurately after hiring services from them. Services might vary from according to industry types that give methods for getting peace of mind. It is a necessary one to check the backgrounds electricians in a state while hiring them for a project. This will help in planning the day to day activities without any difficulty to reach next levels in the production process.